Thursday, September 4, 2014

How To Remove Or Delete The Already Written Caption From The Video With Windows Movie Maker Software

Adding and Removing caption and title is very easy using Windows Movie Maker if you don't know just follow what I say.
How To Remove Already Written Caption From The Video :-

Open Windows Movie Maker Software
Then Go File Option

Then Click On Option Button Which You Get After Clicking On File Button.

Than Go To Caption Button And Uncheck The Option Which Are Coming Clicking Caption Button. All Done

Select A Video You Want To Edit.
Than All Done.......

If This Still Not Remove Than Do This Too :-

Click On Video First Than You Get The Edit Option At The Top Menu Buttons

Click On Video Stabilization

Than "Anti Shake And Wobble Correction-High".


Now Wait Till The Loading Is Not Completed.
Now All Definitely Done Enjoy......