Friday, August 29, 2014

How to Monetize A Video And Earn A Huge Money On Youtube

Youtube Is type of video sharing platform where all can express their views , talent but now it is in trend people can upload there videos dn't matter if it is meaning less or not , they just want to earn some money from it even if it is worthless and then they think why my video dont get more hits , the only reason is they just want to earn money.

To earn money on youtube , youtube provided the monetization facility . Using these you can monetize you video and earn money.

Monetization is what , you can show other third party ads in your videos , more views you get more money you can earn.

How To Monetize A Video

Login To Youtube

Go To My Channel ----> Video Manager -----> Channel

Again Go Video Manager ----> than edit video and monetized it

How To Earn A Huge Money On Youtube

Make a video which is your own beacause copyright video or third party video does n't get more views

Be professional , make a video which is unique like make your funny videos channel or if you have any talent show it on youtube . Best Youtube unique channels SUPERWOMAN SMOSH and many more , they successfully make there own funny things that people can enjoy.

These for those who have enough money to waste - Advertise on FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE
How To Do It ------>

Make a facebook page for your youtube channel and then post your youtube videos on your facebook page advertise your that facebook post on facebook and see how much views you get.

Advertise on youtube just go to My Channel And At Right Corner "Boost Your Audience" like button present there just click on it and start your campaign.

And one more cheap tricks ----->
daily search for the new song ,video which is in trend and wait for that song when it is released , instantly make a lyrics of that song , audio ( convert It Into Different Bitrate than upload) , video ( First convert it into Different Resolution than Upload ) when all done than upload those videos on youtube .

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