Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Monetize A Copyrights Or Third Party Music Or Video On Youtube

Now here is the big question how to monetize a video Copyright video or music on youtube and make money from it ? Here I will give the solution how to do it.

The video or audio you download to upload it on youtube to earn some money from it by monetizing it but its all bullshit if you really want to make some huge money you have to upload a video that make some sense or which is unique. Copyright video or audio is not for making some huge money.

How To Monetize a Third Party Video

Download a video or audio you want to upload on youtube

Install a video or audio editor software which edit and crop a video [ Freemake ]

select that video or audio in the software

 For Video -
select a video and then a crop a video scenes where some company tags or music shows and click ok
After cropping a video convert the video resolution into different like if your video has 640* 320 Convert It into any you want but after you do this change all things like audio bitrate like 360 kbps to 250kbps type of audio all this option you get when you click on Mp4 option converter and then click on add your preset button [+]

When all changes done click on convert button , now all done upload that video on youtube and monetize a video 
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